Eliminate Pain With Kinesiology?
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How far are you willing to travel for your health? What possibilities might you have toward improvement? Consider this unsolicited note; shown as written...

January 30, 2018 at 9:19 AM
"Hi, Gene
I am Lai yee. Do you remember my sister, Polly. She came and visited me from Hong Kong.
I bought her to see you and tried to help her complicated health issue. Today, she told me a good news. And she felt it was amazing, you are the best Doctor. You told her after 2 months, she would be much better. Today is the 2 times of period after seeing you, she felt no pain at all. The amount of blood is normal , not too much. She have experienced the pain for 20 years, now it is gone.
Gene, how amazing you are !! We are so blessed to know you .
Thank you so much, Gene !!"

Published with permission.
"Yes , sure. You can put it on your website :)
Wish more people will get your help."

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